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Help, before my macbook flies out of the window.


I had never used iMovies until today. Obviously, being the delusional girl that I am, I decided to do a proper cartoon, with 25 frames a second and whatnot.

After much tinkering, I figured out how to import the drawings from Photoshop. After a bit more tinkering, I figured out how to cut the clips, so that they are only one frame long.

After hours of work I had 75 (!!!!) frames, which is 3 seconds. Great. I hit play, to see if it's working smoothly.

Success! The first 3 seconds of my itsy-bitsy cartoon run like a charm!

Anyway, I decide to stop for the day and save it.

Right... "Can't save, 75 items rendering"


I end up giving up and rebooted the damned thing. I still have my drawings, of course, but this means I'll have to cut the clips into single frames all-over again!

And for what I been reading online, this is not supposed to "save and continue the next day."

What does this mean? Will I have to do all the drawings first, without being able to check if the cartoon is running smoothly?

And when I finish it? If it's taking so long to render 3 seconds, how many years will it take to render 4 minutes and 10 seconds?

Am I doing something wrong? Please tell me I am and correct me. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!
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From a Powerbook to a Macbook Pro

I love my Apple laptops. I have had them all from 180C to my latest Macbook Pro. My last G4 Powerbook is now over four years old and still going strong although the battery now lasts about 10 minutes and it will soon be confined to a minor role running my effects in my recording studio setup.
I have one beef about the Apple system. I got my new Macbook Pro in March (I still use Tiger as there are still problems with some of my music software and Leopard) and decided not to transfer everything across from my old Powerbook. However, I now want to get my iCal, Address Book, Itunes and some other odds and sods transferred. Now we come across the problems of file transfer and protectionism.
All my itunes files are taken from my cd collection but I don't want to go through the process of inserting the CD's and importing them into Itunes again (I have some 150 CD's already transferred plus some of my own masters as I am a musician and record producer). I also want my ical transferred as it has my work schedule and a record of my pay. My Address Book is essential of course. I can solve the Itunes problem by using third party software but Apple's Migration Assistant seems to want to transfer everything which is not want I want to do.
I tried connecting the two laptops with a firewire and use target disk to make the old laptop appear as an external hard drive but it still doesn't want to transfer the ilife programs, safari bookmarks, address book, Ical with the entries intact. Anyone have any ideas ?
Just one more beef, Hey, Apple how about improving your software i.e.Safari (bookmarks system is awfully old fashioned) , Ilife and Address book features rather than trying to compete with Nokia in the cell phone world ?
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Final Cut Express 4

I know it's silly, but i'm seriously frustrated to the point of tears.

I just recently switched from PC to Mac, and on my PC I used Sony Vegas 6 to make videos just for fun. But since vegas isn't for Mac, I jumped at the opportunity to buy Final Cut Express when I ordered my Mac off the site. I thought "Wow, with that price I can do ANYTHING!" Of course, I knew I was going to have to relearn a brand new system, and I expected it was going to be quite intricate and overwhelming.

So far i've figured out how to add music, and fading transitions.... and I figured out how to add effects, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to EDIT the stupid things!!! What if I don't want it to be THAT glowy or more contrasted???? Now I highly doubt I just have to deal with this fancy program's default effect settings. Not after I paid so much for it thankyouverymuch!

Can anyone help me out? point me in the direction of a detailed tutorial? I'd really appreciate it.
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Other Podcasting Tools

I am wondering if anyone knows any good Podcast collection tools other than iTunes that work well with the iPod. I am looking for both video and audio podcasts. I am looking for a solution that I can have a single list of podcasts no matter what computer I am on. I currently use three computers.

transferring iLife

I bought a new MacBook in June and never ever use the iLife apps on it. It's exclusively for watching movies and internet access when on the road, and using Parallels a little. How can I transfer the (universal) apps to my G5 desktop? The installers from the MacBook disks won't run. I tried just copying the programs across, but they evidently rely on some libraries that aren't installed/updated unless the actual installer is run.

There has to be some way to do this. I can't believe that I'm stuck here with a valid iLife license that I can't use.

iTunes is funny.

not "ha" funny but "huh" funny..

during playback some of the songs are making random blips and beeps.

coincidentally it doesn't happen to any of the songs that i've downloaded/bought directly from iTunes.

is anyone else getting this?

wtf is happening?
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ringtone question

Any of you guys know how to convert an mp3 into a ringtone?
The file I'd like to use is currently a Winamp Media file but it's just a simple conversion matter and it'll be mp3. Beyond that I'm lost.

x-posted to my personal lj and a few other communities.

iDVD 6: Burn fails.


I'm trying to burn a very simple DVD that's basically a title I made in iDVD with one button that goes to a QuickTime video created from a Keynote 3 presentation. Instead of burning directly, I'm trying to save it as a disk image in case I need copies later (File -> Save as Disk Image). However, every time I try, it goes as far as finishing video encoding then I get the following error: Error During Track Initialization
There was an error during track initialization and iDVD cannot continue burning this DVD 'the disc has not been touched yet!). Please select Delete Encoded Assets' from the Advanced-menu and try burning this project again.

I've re-encoded several times, tried burning to an actual DVD, re-saved the entire project, with no change. All updates are installed. I'm running a Powerbook 12" G4 867 MHz with 640 MB with 10.4.8. Internal 60 GB HDD (21.51 GB free), and two externals (43.15GB of 57.88GB free and 32.82 GB of 92.98 GB free). All my project files are on the internal hard drive, spread around (most on the desktop, some from iPhoto). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Also, in case this is important, the video I'm trying to burn is about 108 MB (~9:30 minutes), and its associated sound file (Keynote exports them seperately for some reason) is 5 megs or so.
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