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Help, before my macbook flies out of the window.


I had never used iMovies until today. Obviously, being the delusional girl that I am, I decided to do a proper cartoon, with 25 frames a second and whatnot.

After much tinkering, I figured out how to import the drawings from Photoshop. After a bit more tinkering, I figured out how to cut the clips, so that they are only one frame long.

After hours of work I had 75 (!!!!) frames, which is 3 seconds. Great. I hit play, to see if it's working smoothly.

Success! The first 3 seconds of my itsy-bitsy cartoon run like a charm!

Anyway, I decide to stop for the day and save it.

Right... "Can't save, 75 items rendering"


I end up giving up and rebooted the damned thing. I still have my drawings, of course, but this means I'll have to cut the clips into single frames all-over again!

And for what I been reading online, this is not supposed to "save and continue the next day."

What does this mean? Will I have to do all the drawings first, without being able to check if the cartoon is running smoothly?

And when I finish it? If it's taking so long to render 3 seconds, how many years will it take to render 4 minutes and 10 seconds?

Am I doing something wrong? Please tell me I am and correct me. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!
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