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From a Powerbook to a Macbook Pro

I love my Apple laptops. I have had them all from 180C to my latest Macbook Pro. My last G4 Powerbook is now over four years old and still going strong although the battery now lasts about 10 minutes and it will soon be confined to a minor role running my effects in my recording studio setup.
I have one beef about the Apple system. I got my new Macbook Pro in March (I still use Tiger as there are still problems with some of my music software and Leopard) and decided not to transfer everything across from my old Powerbook. However, I now want to get my iCal, Address Book, Itunes and some other odds and sods transferred. Now we come across the problems of file transfer and protectionism.
All my itunes files are taken from my cd collection but I don't want to go through the process of inserting the CD's and importing them into Itunes again (I have some 150 CD's already transferred plus some of my own masters as I am a musician and record producer). I also want my ical transferred as it has my work schedule and a record of my pay. My Address Book is essential of course. I can solve the Itunes problem by using third party software but Apple's Migration Assistant seems to want to transfer everything which is not want I want to do.
I tried connecting the two laptops with a firewire and use target disk to make the old laptop appear as an external hard drive but it still doesn't want to transfer the ilife programs, safari bookmarks, address book, Ical with the entries intact. Anyone have any ideas ?
Just one more beef, Hey, Apple how about improving your software i.e.Safari (bookmarks system is awfully old fashioned) , Ilife and Address book features rather than trying to compete with Nokia in the cell phone world ?
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