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iDVD 6: Burn fails.


I'm trying to burn a very simple DVD that's basically a title I made in iDVD with one button that goes to a QuickTime video created from a Keynote 3 presentation. Instead of burning directly, I'm trying to save it as a disk image in case I need copies later (File -> Save as Disk Image). However, every time I try, it goes as far as finishing video encoding then I get the following error: Error During Track Initialization
There was an error during track initialization and iDVD cannot continue burning this DVD 'the disc has not been touched yet!). Please select Delete Encoded Assets' from the Advanced-menu and try burning this project again.

I've re-encoded several times, tried burning to an actual DVD, re-saved the entire project, with no change. All updates are installed. I'm running a Powerbook 12" G4 867 MHz with 640 MB with 10.4.8. Internal 60 GB HDD (21.51 GB free), and two externals (43.15GB of 57.88GB free and 32.82 GB of 92.98 GB free). All my project files are on the internal hard drive, spread around (most on the desktop, some from iPhoto). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Also, in case this is important, the video I'm trying to burn is about 108 MB (~9:30 minutes), and its associated sound file (Keynote exports them seperately for some reason) is 5 megs or so.
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