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Occasional "beep" while importing CDs in iTunes

(I sniffed around the iTunes help and didn't see any obvious reference to this).

Every now and then, when I import particular CDs, the Mac makes an intermittent beeping noise. It doesn't do it with every disc, but when it decides to beep during an import, it seems to always want to beep when I try to import that disc. I can take the disc out, import some other discs (beep-free), put the original offending disc back in and - bang! - the Mac beeps again.

My import settings are "custom", I use the AAC Encode option, '256kbps stereo optimised for velocity engine'.

My suspicion is that the beep indicates where it's hit a read error on the disc. I've tried really carefully cleaning the CD, and it seems to change the pattern (or possibly timing) of the beeps. I have a huge CD collection, and many of the discs are pretty old. Most don't beep at all, some beep once or twice, some beep a fair few times.

I have noticed that when a beep happens, the importing details in the little iTunes window seem to imply that it's decided to slow the disc down - it tends to import around 7-8x, but sometimes it drops to about 4x for a while. I have the error correction option set in my iTunes preferences too, and I'm pretty sure the beeps are just the Mac's way of telling me it's a little unimpressed with a particular CD.

Anyone else noticed this? Is my guess right, or is the beep for something possibly more serious?

If t makes any difference - the Mac is a dual 2Ghz G5, 3Gb ram, about 10 weeks old. Latest Tiger, iTunes, iLife, software updates etc etc.
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