Rob Uttley (robsoft) wrote in ilife,
Rob Uttley

Switcher needing iTunes advice

Hi, I'm just about to move my 60Gb+ iTunes collection from Windows to my new Mac. There's probably about 300 iTunes-purchased tracks in amongst that lot too. I just wondered what the best way of doing this would be.

Do I authorise the new Mac for my purchases, tell the new Mac to copy any media files it finds into it's own iTunes library, then set up a temporary network share to my PC and "import" the iTunes music folder from the PC? Do I have to do anything special with the purchased music (I wondered if I needed to maybe copy it to my iPod and then back from the iPod to the Mac?)

Actually, thinking about that last point; my iPod is a 40Gb one and so I could, with a couple of trips, move the library by using the iPod as an intermediary, I guess.

Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a recommended way of moving your iTunes library across machines (and platforms!)? Any gotchas I should be watching out for?

Thanks in advance!

(now xposted to macosx)
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